260 Awesome Free Flat Icons

Flat design is all the rage right now and this week’s free icon set is the 260 flat icon set from Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is a great WordPress theme service to begin with, but now they’ve added this free set of icons for everyone to use in their designs.

There’s just something about the flat design style that is simple, yet eye-catching. You can use these awesome free flat icons in your designs to make them look highly professional and beautiful. You can preview these 260 free flat icons below.

These icons are simple, yet extremely useful. They are available in full color or monochromatic, and they look great either way. A lot of these icons are related to common things you will find on most sites, such as a phone for contact, a page and pencil for writing or editing, a camera for pictures, an artist’s palette for colors, and much more. I like how Elegant Themes chose relevant topics to create their icon set from. Many times, designers will create icon sets that aren’t useful, or the graphics are obscure, so they end up sitting on your hard drive and not being used.



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