WordPress Page Builder Plugins

Page builders can be of great help to website owners. It gives them the flexibility to jump in the custom designing of their web page by simply dragging and dropping. The user need not learn any programming language to work with page and layout builders. There are many premium Page Builder plugins for WordPress. But, free page builder plugins are few in comparison. We have listed down the 5 Best free WordPress Page Builder Plugins which will help you tweak your pages!

Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Page Builder by SiteOrigin is considered to be one of the best WordPress Page Builder plugin out there. It’s simple and intuitive inteface makes it easy to build page layouts. You can choose from your favorite WordPress widgets and build the desired page. The Page builder works will almost every WordPress theme, atleast it worked on all the themes I tried on. You must try this plugin, I guarantee that you will fall in love with this plugin!

Visual Website Editor

Do you envy Wix, 1and1 or weebly.com users for their editors’ ease and intuitiveness? Do you have a tough time whenever you want to change a font color or remove/add an element, while they do it on the spot? Meet Visual Website Editor from Tidio Elements – a simple and intuitive editor thanks to which making changes to your Website will be easier than ever.

IG Page Builder

IG Page Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder that helps you quickly build a complete WordPress website and you don’t even need to read any documentation. This page builder is similar to an advanced visual editor, and you can use it for any theme.
What makes IG Page Builder stand out from others is focusing on simplicity, lightweight and really useful, so that making your own unique website becomes easier than ever.

Parallax Gravity – Landing Page Builder

Parallax Gravity is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create unlimited landing pages. With Parallax Gravity you can add multiple sections within each page, for each section you can set a background, add any type of content including shortcodes from third party plugins and much more.

Page Layout Builder

Building custom WordPress page layout using Page Layout Builder is just as easy as drag-and-drop. You don’t need to run for learning HTML or finding a coder/designer to change a page layout. Also you can directly use more than 3000+ widgets from wordpress.org to place anywhere inside your page content. No longer need to hang with build in sidebars with theme

Bottom Line

You can test all of these and keep the plugin which suits your taste the best.



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