HTML5 Has A New Best Friend—And It’s Apple, Not Google

Google should be leading HTML5 development, but it’s not. No, that honor goes to Apple, the company that has done more to trumpet the virtue of native apps than anyone else.

Apple isn’t known for being a champion of open source or open standards, but with iOS 8 it has become both. Among a host of consumer-facing improvements to performance and the user experience, Apple has also introduced significant improvements for application developers, including WKWebView, a new browser engine that promises to make hybrid apps sing on iOS 8.

Ironically, Apple’s one-time Flash-y nemesis, Adobe, may benefit most.

The Way We Build Now

Historically, performance requirements have pushed mobile developers to default to native apps, with an emphasis on either iOS or Android. HTML5 was everyone’s back-up plan, as VisionMobile illustrates in its Developer Economics quarterly report:


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