Jquery Image Resizing

jQuery Image Resize Tool

Never re-size a thumbnail again

The guys at Garralab created NailThumb for us.

Create thumbnails easily from high-res images, without any distortion, with one line of code.

You can even decide thumbnail dimensions directly from CSS.

Integrates perfectly with any media gallery, even more useful in dynamic web application when you can face any shape or size.

If you want to add avatars to your application it’s easier to use this plugin to let them fit any size you need then to develop a functionality that help your user to upload avatars of the right size/sizes.

Never distorted

Whatever method you choose and whatever proportions limit you fix NailThumb will always create a thumbnail without any distortion and will keep your image as big as possible.

Basic usage

Basically what you need for each thumbnail is a container and a way to set your thumbnail width and height. Best way to do so is via CSS (see this example), so whenever you’ll want to restyle you won’t have to touch your JavaScript to let the thumbnails fit.

You can also control animation or even the way the right image is detected




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  1. Oh WOW… What a great tool. thanks for the share.

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