Make A Polaroid Effect For Your Photos

If you have photos on your blog or website, this polaroid photo technique will make them catchy and beautifully displayed.

First things first, and we need a new 800x800px document in Photoshop. Fill the background with the following color: #f5f5f5.

Using the rectangle tool, draw a shape roughly the size shown below:

W ; 475 : H ; 566

Change the color of the shape to white. Open the layer blending options window and add a drop shadow with the following settings:

Now let’s rotate the shape to give it a more interesting look. I rotated it by -3º. Remember the value you used as we’ll need it later for the photo itself.

Now we’ll create some sticker tape to tape the top edges of the frame. Use the rectangle tool again, and draw a small rectangle.

Rotate the rectangle and fill it with the following color: #aea07e. We’ll later play with the layer blending options to get the effect we want.

We’ll need to cut some pieces from the edges of the tape to give it a more realistic look, but to do that we first need to rasterize the layer. Go to Layer > Rasterize > Layer.

Using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, make a random jaggy selection around the edges of the tape, like shown below.

Use Selection > Inverse Selection and hit delete. This will remove the smaller parts of the tape and will give it a nice jagged look. Open the layer blending options of the type, and use the same settings as shown below:

This will give you a nice scotch tape effect.

Duplicate the layer and move it to the left edge, then hit Ctrl + T (Cmd + T on Mac) and flip it horizontally. Now we have scotch tape on both of the top edges.

It’s time to add your photo! I used a photo of the moon I took a while back – you can find it here: Moon.

I rotated the white box by -3º originally, so I’m going to do the same for my photo.

And now, for the final part – the “label”. I’m using the amazing free Hand Test Font. Make sure you rotate the text the same as your original box and photo (-3º in my case). And that’s it!


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