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Just like your home, car or storefront, maintenance via a consistent, ongoing SEO program is critical to the health of your website and your business. Your online visibility requires a higher-level maintenance and updating on an even more consistent level.

You can avoid “digital decay” with an ongoing SEO plan.  Give the search engines a clean path to your content, allowing them to understand the value and serve it up as a relevant, trusted result for search queries!

What does an ongoing search engine optimization program address, and why is it important?

Your competitors are doing it.  Your keenest competitors are consistently optimizing their website and blog, and they will earn the advantage in search results as they develop content, tighten meta data, and continue to implement best practices on both the front and back end of their website.

Algorithmic changes.  Just like other businesses, Google does maintenance also.  In their constant search to guarantee the very best search quality, Google is constantly making changes to how it returns results for search queries.  During the months of June and July 2012, for instance, they made 86 changes in the algorithm.  Some of these may not make a difference in your placements or visibility, chances are they will.  And how will you know?

Meeting those algorithmic requirements can include anything from minor on-page or content edits to a shift in how you approach the optimization of your entire website.

There is more than just Google out there.  Even though Google has the largest market share by far, there are other engines that are relevant as well.  Optimizing your website for all of them takes some time and effort, but this is an exercise in smart business development!

Fresh. Don’t just do it for Google….do it for your customers!  Ever seen a store window display that never changes? All the stuff starts getting dusty and looking outdated, turning brown or fading from the sun.  Same sort of thing here. Your customers and visitors will get tired of the same old stuff on your site. Really.  Avoid “digital decay” with a consistent SEO program avoid “digital decay”…change your site up with fresh, optimized content that is optimized for search. (And Google will love you too!)

N.a.t.u.r.a.l.  Consistent, ongoing SEO will help you meet one of the most stringent requirements Google has. From adding new content to optimization of your meta data and earning incoming links that enjoy a high trust rank, Google wants to see steady, natural change and growth. The April 2012 Penguin update was a shot across the bow for websites who were taking part in link schemes or other webspam practices. A consistent SEO program results in ongoing, measured changes in your website.

Analytics are the key.  An ongoing SEO program will provide you with the analytical data you need to discover what has worked in the past and what the next best step may be for increasing visibility and your conversion rate.  An experienced search marketing professional will share this information with you in a meaningful way.

8 Reasons Your Website Needs Ongoing SEO

If you run a business or manage a website, chances are you’re familiar with the term “SEO.” If not, or if you have been too shy to ask, let me give you a quick rundown.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing technique that started in the mid 1990’s when the Internet started to really take hold. This can also refer to the people doing the SEO, the Search Engine Optimizers. The goal of SEO is to increase the relevancy of a given website by working with certain aspects of a site to make it more search engine and user friendly, therefore, moving it closer to the top of search rankings. When internet users type in a given keyword that a certain organization would like to be ranking for, like “wedding catering des moines,” the goal would be to get that organization’s website as close as possible to the number one search result on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

A few things to keep in mind about SEO

SEO takes time

If your current SEO company or web development firm has promised you quick results from their SEO program, chances are there are some illegal tactics happening on your site. By illegal I mean against the rules that Google, Yahoo or Bing have put out for webmasters to follow. Black hat tactics like stuffing your page full of keywords, creating page titles that are hundreds of characters long and buying bad backlinks to try and trick search engines into thinking your site is well-connected, can all hurt your site and have negative effects on your search rankings.

In our ongoing SEO clients, many of our clients who are doing well in terms of their SEO campaigns have been working with us on a monthly basis for anywhere from three months to a year. Good SEO and higher search rankings are not an overnight process and it takes time to get to where your brand wants to be.

Your Competitors also do SEO

You might think you’re the only one in the area who is doing intense SEO work, but you’re probably wrong. Your competitors might be doing SEO as well; even if it’s sub-par SEO with mediocre time commitments and efforts, they are still doing things to get them to the top. We keep this in mind and track your rankings against your main competitors to see what we need to be doing to get your site above theirs.

It constantly changes

Google is a search giant. They release hundreds of updates a year, sometimes up to two or three a day, and are designed to shake up the results and weed out bad sites. The hard part about SEO is figuring out which updates have made a huge impact on search results and how to change SEO efforts to keep your site at the top.

SEO takes work

Good SEO and ideal search rankings cannot be achieved overnight. Like I mentioned before, SEO takes time. But something else to consider is that it also takes work. At Web Design Academy, we believe that a minimum of 6 months contract can get your website a great fighting chance and a solid starting point to keep your company in the search results even in a competitive industry.  It’s not a full time, 40 hour a week effort, but it is something that takes a significant amount of hours over the course of a month to achieve.

SEO in an ongoing process

Many people think that SEO is a one and done task on their website. Forget this notion immediately. Sure, launching your site with a strong initial SEO set up and good content structure is important, but if you never touch your SEO again after that, Google is going to notice and punish your site. Ongoing SEO is the way to make sure your site is where you want it to be in the search rankings and that it stays there.

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