It’s time you updated your SEO techniques


We have listed a few Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips that can help you get listed in the organic search results. Take a look at the tips and see if it is time to change your SEO efforts. Make use of good SEO tools to enhance your web presence.

1. The Goldilocks Effect

If you stretch anything beyond the limits, it may become useless. The same rule holds true when it comes to SEO. If you overdo any technique, like adding certain keywords repeatedly, then it may work against you. Don’t go for the extremes. Look for what is right.

2. Keyword Research

This comes within the basic SEO framework. Use a good SEO tool like Google Adwords to obtain the title tag, Meta description, and keywords. Look for the common words that people generally use while looking for something and make them a part of your content. You can always use the synonyms of those keywords so that you do not find yourself repetitive in anyway. The right keyword is the key to success.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web tool you can use to understand the traffic to your site, the users’ behavior on your site, and the rate of conversions you are making. The best part is that this tool will help you know your return of investment for free.

4. Help them navigate

Google likes simple and plain navigation. Search engines do not follow image links or animated links like flash. So, if you want better SEO, the best way is to have simple text links. If you try to make it too cool, you may end up counteracting against your own efforts.

5. Links

Make sure all your links are working properly. If they are not, Google will downgrade your site. Therefore, you can even use a link checker website for a report on your site.

6. Sitemap

You can have a sitemap that will help Google navigate and index your site easily.  Use automatic tools to create one because they are very easy to update.

7. Great Content

People always love good content. That’s what makes them come back to you. So, it’s all the more important for you to update content on a regular basis. Interesting content has great followership. That’s the reason why search engines like blogs. They always have fresh stuff and are topical.

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