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Web Design Industry Trends for 2015

You have probably seen a lot of articles on web design trends for 2015. Ghost buttons, card design, large background images and videos, scrolling instead of clicking, material design… You have heard it all already, haven’t you? But have you … Continue reading

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HTML5 Has A New Best Friend—And It’s Apple, Not Google

Google should be leading HTML5 development, but it’s not. No, that honor goes to Apple, the company that has done more to trumpet the virtue of native apps than anyone else. Apple isn’t known for being a champion of open … Continue reading

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Email bigger than social media

A strong majority (85%) of online-connected global citizens in 24 countries use the internet for emails while six in ten (62%) use it for social networking, finds a new poll by global research company Ipsos for Reuters News. One in … Continue reading

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Instagram vs. Pinterest

One of the more intriguing aspects of Instagram’s $1 billion payday from Facebook is that photo sharing was Plan B. Compare that to the other social startup darling of 2012, Pinterest, which has stayed true to its original mission from … Continue reading

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