The Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2014

Our future hopes for mobile and web design were rejuvenated in 2013. A small number of individuals, apps, trends and services conveyed freshly alluring, sophisticated digital world that we’ve never experienced before and are anticipating their highlight.
2013 was completely variegated, full of good- grid layouts, bad-cartoon mascots and the utterly indefensible.

Despite the handful of horror shows, we are overly impressed. Designers selected the top trends of last year based on the interfaces worth magazine, superb typography and images of full-bleed and extended them to greater heights.
Here are current top design trends.


Good riddance skeuomophism! It has finally given way to interfaces that are well designed featuring blend modes, colors, shapes and all kinds of the non-wood grain effect you can imagine. No more fake-shiny inlays, hokey frames that are leather-stitched, linen menus that are textured, paper with ruled backgrounds and the letter press drop shadows. Now we have flat designs.

Responsive Design

Responsive design was a promising idea from 2012 that continued to bloom with aid from organizations such as Adobe, Mozilla and other few in 2013. The responsive UIs function is to automatically reconfigure and resize based on the choice form factor of the end user. If there is a size reduction on the desktop browser window, the content of the site also changes; columns decrease and adjust automatically, the content category reshuffled, headlines move to the front of the image, etc. all this works mainly when designing a site that requires rendering on tablets, TVs, Smartphone and other connection devices of all kinds.

Understated Elegance

Minimalism, white space and pure & perfect typography, with little flourishes is breath taking, an aesthetic treatment of images by photographers. Yahoo and exposure apps made an immense impression with their design work perfection this year. They attained the stature of elegance in mien while eminently maintaining the functional experiences of the user.


Dashboards are designed to make the numbers look sexy. From Google Analytic to New Relic, the company which allows you to build attractive, functional, actual-time dashboards depending on the kind of data one possesses. The dashboard generator’s newest generation such as Dash and Geckoboard has furthered it with WYSIWYG hot flat designs.

The Color’s Return

De-saturated tones and monochromatic schemes were the order of the day, but not anymore. This year, we experienced rainbow explosions with designers playing around with contrasts and complements of color. Each button, menu item and icon appeared to be furnished in a new exuberant hue.

The Animation’s Delight

This year, the animations brought sites and apps to lifelike- pops, twirls, bounces and flips. Some favorite examples are IOS 7 background, Facebook Chat Heads, Windows Phone, LinkedIn’s mobile applications and IOS game Letterpress

Skinny and Slick Iconography

The navigation and icons were railed-thin this year as it should; readily visible, useful and functional but outermost so that users can focus on the content. Iconography’s new hotness is flat thanks to IOS 7.

Creative Typography Explosion

Increase in web fonts as well as diversity actually blew-up in the year 2012. The trend only matured in 2013. Shinny logotypes were still present but in addition, there was running menu text, headline and text. In terms of being creative in using fonts, everything got more attractive this year.

Designs Other Than Computers

Be it wearable, connected devices or internet things, they must have a name in order to have a design plan. From glass class to a stream of smart watches to television troves, the future web will call for new designs for current interfaces. The designers will have to manage fragmentations; the work will have to fit a scale of up to flat-screen TV breadth and wrist-watch miniatures down.


Goggle products interface is dominated by cards such as cards and mobile systems such as Windows Phone.


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