WordPress Themes and the Future of Web Agencies

Future of Website Design with Themes

Before starting Web Design Academy I worked for a well established Web Development Agency as well as some freelance work for a few others, small and super established agencies, local (South Africa) and in the UK.

After about 8 months working at these agencies they started to mention some awesome WordPress themes that is available online, ranging from $18 to about $40. Initially it was just a mention and soon after the spending spree started. They bought themes left, right and centre building up a theme repository on the local server available to all staff for upcoming projects.

Now, being a web designer for the last 10 years this sort of bothered me, a lot. I was hired to design custom websites with my years of experience as UI designer and architect. We build websites for their clients big and small.

With my experience as freelance and agency designer, I picked up when a client is serious about their web presence and when they only want to get a website up for the sake of having a website. I will write more about this at a later date.

When a client decides to go the agency route they sort of expect to get a custom solution with the years of experience coupled with a team effort. Something that is unique and planned according to their business needs. Clients will pay R15k and up for their websites because they go the agency route and expect that custom solution. So what does the future hold for web design agencies when a lot of them seem to opt the themes route?

Is it being lazy, time efficient, money hungry? or clever… I know for a fact that the price of the website solution did not go down, in a lot of cases the prices actually increased.

So the future for any web design student is this. Learn WordPress, learn it well. Get to know everything there is to know about it. If you are in South Africa you might as well come learn it at Web Design Academy :)

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2 Responses to WordPress Themes and the Future of Web Agencies

  1. Jannice says:


    Found your post via G+ and I am in exactly the same situation. I work for a very big agency in the UK and they are also doing exactly the same. I think it really sucks that a well respected (and you will be shocked when you know who) can do things like this.

    I think it must be an available option to clients sure but not the only way. It does cut design time and saves a lot of headache etc.. but it must not be the only option. Clients pay £3000 for some of these sites and the theme cost $40. The development time is minimal and placing the content is even less as they supply most content with Word Docs… Scary… Thanks for the article..
    Just thought I’d share my thoughts


  2. wdadmin says:

    Hi Jannice,

    Thanks for the comment. I know exactly how you feel. Well at least you can customize the themes :)

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