Web Design Industry Trends for 2015

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You have probably seen a lot of articles on web design trends for 2015. Ghost buttons, card design, large background images and videos, scrolling instead of clicking, material design… You have heard it all already, haven’t you?

But have you ever wondered where web design industry as a whole is going and how can you keep up with it?

Here are some of the design industry trends that you should be aware of as a web designer in 2015.

You Are On Your Own

We live in times where job security doesn’t exist anymore. Sure, you may have a reliable source of income right now – maybe freelance clients, maybe an actual job, or maybe a mix of both. So where’s this lack of job security that I’m talking about?

It lies in the fact that you can be laid off by at any given moment, often for reasons completely outside your control (company is downsizing, company goes bust, etc.). Putting your faith in a client or a company means building a house-of-cards-like career, one unexpected event and everything collapses.

You are own your own. Want financial security? Create it yourself.

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Freelancing Over Employment

Traditional employment is not as desirable as it once was. More and more people are choosing to go the freelance route instead of working at a web design agency. And, given the appeal of being your own boss, setting your own schedule, and traveling the world, that’s not surprising, is it?

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Web Design Marketplaces Over oDesk and Elance

Websites like oDesk and Elance used to be the go-to place for web desginers trying to kick off their freelancing career. However, now more and more of them skip the massive generic freelance websites, and turn to web design marketplaces like DesignHill or AwesomeWeb. Why? Simple – less competition, higher pay, and better quality gigs.

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Online Education Over Formal Education

Sure, web designers still get their degrees…just not in web design. With places like Udemy offering world-class quality courses in web design for a fraction of a price that one would pay for a degree, studying web design in a university doesn’t make sense anymore. Want to acquire top-notch design skills? Go online.

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Multiple Streams of Income via Entrepreneurship

Freelancing is not all unicorns and rainbows, though, since all freelancers are bound to hit dry streaks occasionally. It might not seem like a big deal if one clients drops you, but what if they all drop you at the same time? That happens, and one needs to be prepared for it, that’s why more and more web designers turn to entrepreneurship to build additional streams of income that would get them through rainy days. Many of them eventually move on to full-time entrepreneurship!

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Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Digital nomads are people who have location independent sources of income and use that to travel the world. This lifestyle is becoming more and more popular among web designers, because, unlike many others who want to become digital nomads, they already have marketable skills that are compatible with working remotely. Is living and working in an exotic location a dream of yours? It doesn’t have to be – you can turn it into a reality!

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What Did I Miss?

What industry trends have you noticed that were not mentioned in this article?


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