Why you should have a Mobile Website

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The world of Internet surfing has expanded over the years. The days of needing a big chunky PC are far behind us and the Internet has moved from just being at the desk to being in every part of our lives. Internet access has expanded dramatically, with WiFi, GPRS, 3G and 4G being accessible from almost any part of  most countries.

This means that people are using more and more mobile devices, as they want to stay connected whilst on the move. Although tablet PCs and net-books have contributed to the portability of the net, nothing has made more of a contribution than that of the smart phone. The smart phone has literally revolutionised mobile Internet access for billions of users that access email, surf or while away time on a free mobile game website.

Why do I need a mobile website?

The answer to the title is simple, handheld devices have small screens. Yes, you website may look beautiful to the average PC user, but when it is compressed into a 3.5″ (or less) screen, it not only becomes hard to read, but also hard to navigate. On some phones, the  amount of data from your website will fill up their memory and cause the page not to load. This means that you are losing valuable customers and getting a bad image, as your bounce (visit ans leave without exploring) will be much higher.

To solve this issue, you need to have a simple website design specifically targeted at mobiles. With this, you can have nice big buttons for the key areas, simplified text and for more advanced mobiles, even an option to switch back to the full site (such as with Tablet PCs). This will mean that your uses can find and do what they want easily, increasing the chances of sales and them spending time on your website. Not only this, but it will also mean that they are FAR MORE LIKELY TO RETURN, which is extremely important for a business website.




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